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How do I purchase a Gemini Saw or Replacement Parts?
To purchase one of our high quality products, please locate a dealer.
What is a Ring Saw?
A Ring Saw is a unique, patented saw, combining the best qualities of a band saw and a radial saw.
Where is the Water Pump?
There is no pump with a ring saw. Because the belt that drives the blade also picks up and delivers water to the cut, there is no need for one.
What does a Ring Saw cut?
The Ring Saw will cut any hard material including stone, granite, marble, glass, shell, non-ferrous metals, acrylic, stain glass and plexiglass.
How can diamond blades cut hard materials but do not cut skin?
Skin bounces off of the diamond's riding over the bumps, but hard materials can not bounce so they get cut.
What is the difference between a Ring Saw and a band saw?
Ring Saws spin in a perfect circle and cut in all directions. Band saws travel in an ellipse, can cut basically forward like a polliwog  travels.
What is the difference between a Ring Saw and a reciprocating saw?
Ring Saws cut while spinning in a perfect circle, so there is little or no vibration while cutting. Jig saws vibrate cut on the up stroke causing delicate pieces to break and wear out much more quickly than Ring Saws.
Do I have to use water with my Ring Saw?
Yes, you must always use water.
When should I replace my wear parts?
The orange grommets average lifespan is approximately the life of the blade. The more aggressive users will wear these parts faster. These grommets come with replacements blades. The average life of the drive belt is two to three blades. Favoring one direction when cutting will greatly reduce the life of a drive belt as well as the blade and grommets.