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Revolution XT Ring Saw

This Saw is Absolutely Amazing...Check it out!

The Revolution XT..... Not Just Another Tile Saw

A Cross Between a Table Saw and a Band Saw

revolution xt
  • A finishing saw that is Ideal for cutting curves with precision and
    extremely smooth cuts.
  • Can cut Forwards & Backwards (makes curves simple to cut).
  • Uses a 10 inch Sintered Diamond Blade (Single-sided and Double-sided blades available).
  • Cut inside and outside radius curves.
  • Endless Length and Width Capability.
  • Cuts Tile and Stone up to 6cm thick.
  • No Water Pump, completely Self-Contained.







Accessories Add More Capabilities to an Already Powerful Saw (sold separately)

1. The XT Sliding Tray Table

2. Blade Guard

3. The Tailgator

Features a Sintered Diamond Ring Blade

The Revolution XT uses a 10" Sintered Diamond Blade: this type of a blade is made up of pressed powder and diamond. Since the diamond is throughout the blade, more diamond is exposed as the blade wears. This results in a blade that is always sharpened and has a longer blade life.



Revolution XT Blades

The Revolution blades are very similar to the solid 10" diameter blades you will find on most high quality wet saws. The difference is that our blades have no center, giving you the ability to not only cut straight lines but also make tight radius cuts.  Because we run our blades at a much slower R.P.M. than any tile saw but with far more torque, they give the user a much higher quality cut with far less chipping and superior blade life.




Single-SIded Blade (installed)
10" diameter Sintered diamond, Forward cutting 3/4" radius.









Double-Sided Blade
10" diameter Sintered diamond. Forward and backward cutting. Tighter 3/8" radius Longer blade life








Patented Blades

With similar construction to your standard high quality 10” tile blade, Revolution XT blades deliver at least the same life span at the same price. The difference is, our blades have  no center, and are driven from the outside delivering several advantages:

A) The ability to make STRAIGHT or CURVE cuts.

B) Easily cut a slice off the edge of your material. The blade remains stable and rigid without wandering.

C) The ability to have diamond coating on the front and back, (with double sided blade) making FORWARD as well as BACKWARD cutting possible.

D) Use the same blade for all materials. There is no need to change blades.

E) Material will never glaze over, so there is no need to ever dress the blade.

Accessories for the Revolution XT






Revolution Accessory Kit

Upper Comb Grommet

Lower Comb Grommet

Double Bearing Pulley

Doulbe Bearing Spacer

Single Bearing Spacer


Revolution XT Instruction Manual







Revolution XT Ring Saw Support Videos