Gemini Saw Company

Company History

The Gemini Saw Co started with a 10 X 10 foot shed and an idea. What was needed was a saw designed specifically for people who needed, probably more than anyone, the ability, to cut intricate shapes. They were the stained glass people. The idea was if you could remove the axle from a wheel and get it out of the way then you could use the whole wheel, inside included. This idea came from founder and president of Gemini Saw Co Inc., Jesse Cogswell who was himself a stained glass artist for over 15 years. After much struggle and many prototypes the idea was patented and serious production began.

Our Mission:

To provide machines to the industry which are efficient, dependable, long lasting, attractive and innovative beyond the state of the art. To listen to our customers and provide the best possible customer service.To treat all persons with whom we come in contact with dignity, integrity and respect.

The company took off from that point selling saws all over the world. Great leaps in technological engineering created opportunities for more affordable more efficient less expensive saws to be built. The company began to expand into different industries such as lapidary, tile and stone contractors and yes still stained glass enthusiasts as well as mosaic artists and many others.

Gemini moved from a shed to a garage, and then to a house, and then to a 1250 square foot industrial building and ultimately where it is now. Utilizing a 4600 square foot facility Gemini is dedicated to making saws for intricate cutting all over the world. Gemini Saw Co Inc. owns many patents and specializes in attention to detail and quality in all of the products it manufactures.

International Sales

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Phone: +39 06 45420272
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Viale Scalo San Lorenzo 40
00185 Roma (Italy)
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