Replacement Parts

Taurus Blades:

Taurus 3 Blade Kit

Taurus 3 blade kit

Blade Kit
Part # 000000

Taurus 3 Mega Blade

Taurus 3 mega blade

Mega Blade
Part #1045

Taurus 3 Separating Blade

Taurus 3 separating blade

Separating Blade
Part #1043

Taurus 3 Standard Blade

Taurus 3 standard blade

Standard Blade
Part #1042

Taurus Dichroic Blade

dichroic blade

Dichroic Blade

Taurus 3 Slim Blade

Part #

Taurus 3 Slim Blade

Part #

Taurus 3 Slicer Blade

Part #1046

Taurus 3 Drive Belt

Taurus 3 drive belt

Part #0070

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