Revolution XT Accessories: Sliding Tray Table

It’s The Perfect Companion to the Revolution XT Tile Saw

It’s Amazing! The accuracy of the Slide Tray is unparalleled by any other saw. It works much the same way as a Milling Machine works. Your installation will rise to another level of protection.

Exact square cuts can be instantly achieved regardless of the user, material, or speed of the cutting action simply by the loosening and tightening of just two screws.

The Revolution XT incorporates powerful Magnetic Stops that also aid in making 45 degree cuts both on and off center. Stand them upright and they produce perfect 45 degree edges, blunt or sharp as desired.

The Slide Tray comes with a Double Sided Rule that is in 1/16″ increments on both sides of the blade. Exact measurements are set taking into account the blade kerf so that there is no calculating necessary for making any size cut.

Revolution XT flexibility 3 saw

Blade Guard
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